I'm going to post a video every single day for an entire year. - Brandon Miller Photography

So a few days ago I got the wild idea to do something completely insane. Before I go into any more detail, I want to go over why I decided to take this project on. I have always had a desire to travel the world. It wasn’t until I was a photographer that I realized how much fun destination photography can be. With this in mind, I’ve over the past few years have been struggling with how do I go from a relatively unknown photographer to a well traveled destination photographer. Well that was until now.

So basically what I want to do is I want to post a video every single day on how I am going to achieve my goal of becoming a destination photographer. Now exactly what am I constituting as destination photographer? Obviously I would like to travel the entire world, however I am also painfully aware that may not always be possible. So for the duration of this year long project, I am going to count anything that forces me to leave the state of Tennessee.

So here it is the first video in the series. The video that will start it all. It will be interesting to see how these videos transform as this project progresses. A bit of a heads up, I plan on trying to make these videos as authentic as possible. So if you’re expecting a well polished video with a ton of editing, you might be disappointed. These videos are a way for me to be held accountable to achieving my goal as well as maybe help fellow photographers reach their business goals as well. Anyways without further adieu here is the first video!

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