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It’s always an interesting moment when you have to write something engaging about yourself. My career has consistently been molded and directed by progressively┬ádiscovering the diverse needs of the creative community.. I started out as a graphic designer. As I began forging relationships with my clients, I found that there was a large need for Web Development. Seeing that opportunity, instead of finding the creative talent to collaborate with me, I began my path developing websites. As my understanding of what a good website entailed, I realized that I was not able to tell the complete story of my clients simply because of one final piece of lacking content. Photography.

So here I am now, opening a new chapter of my career. Adventure, portrait, product, and landscape photography is my forte. As an internationally published photographer, I hope that as I continue to develop my skills, I hope to tell the stories of people from different cultures, locations, and landscapes. Let me tell your next story.

Brandon Miller
Photographer / Web Developer

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