About Me

Hello! I’m Brandon. I initially got into photography as a way to expand my creative abilities. I started out as a videographer but soon found myself enjoying taking stills more and more. My 3 main areas of focus are Lifestyle, Portraiture, Wedding & Engagements. Currently, I am based out of Dover Tennessee and I am serving the Nashville, Clarksville, and Jackson areas.

One aspect of my photography that makes me unique, is that I am a hybrid shooter. What that means is, that I shoot film equally as often as I do digital. I strive to make each image indistinguishable from which one is digital and which one is the film. I believe that film is just one of those mediums that feels as much alive as the subjects I am photographing.

Life is a journey with many different chapters, let me be the one to help you tell your next story.

Brandon Miller
Photographer / Web Developer

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